Meet Tasha the visionary behind Living Things!

With an unwavering love and passion for animals since a young age, Tasha serves as the director of Living Things. Her mission began with a heartfelt commitment to rescuing and rehoming animals while providing educational wildlife experiences for all ages as well as providing animals and animal welfare consultancy for tv, film and the media industry.

Under Tasha’s leadership, Living Things has evolved into a dynamic organization, undertaking diverse projects that span educational initiatives, private parties, corporate events, and collaborations with radio, TV, film, and media productions. Tasha’s expertise as an animal welfare consultant and advisor has been sought after by renowned broadcasting channels such as ITV, BBC, and Channel 4, where she has proudly contributed to countless productions on some of the UK’s biggest shows.

Driven by a deep dedication to conservation, Tasha has also played a vital role in various projects across Uganda, Kenya, and Sri Lanka. Working closely with local communities, she has successfully facilitated peaceful coexistence between humans and conflict animals. Additionally, Tasha has imparted invaluable knowledge to wildlife rangers, with assisting and equipping them with unique safety techniques for safe animal captures.

Tasha’s unwavering commitment to animal welfare, combined with her extensive experience in the industry, has shaped Living Things into an organization that excels in its mission to protect and educate. Join us as we continue to create unforgettable experiences that inspire a love for wildlife and drive positive change.