Animals for Film, TV & Media

(IAWA Independent Animal Welfare Adviser)

Living Things is proud to have collaborated with some of the UK’s most prominent productions over the past decade. While working with live animals for productions can be thrilling and impactful, we prioritise their welfare above all else. Living Things implements meticulous protocols to ensure that the welfare and needs of the animals are met.

Our Services Include:

  • TV productions: reality shows, soap operas, talk shows, game shows, TV series, documentaries, pilots, news shows
  • Film productions: low-budget films, short films, feature films
  • Music videos, commercials, advertisement campaigns
  • Radio and more

When selecting animals for your production, choosing the right species is paramount. Living Things offers expert consultation to determine the perfect animal for your narrative while considering the best interests of animal welfare. We advise against using wild and non-domesticated animals, as they are more likely to experience stress and most productions cannot replicate their natural habitat. In many cases, using wild animals is also illegal. If your production insists on featuring wild animals, we strongly recommend filming them in their natural habitat after obtaining the necessary permissions/permits from local authorities.

Domesticated animals are a suitable choice for film or shoots, as they are more trusting and reliant on human interaction. However, Living Things ensures that the welfare and needs of all animals involved are meticulously attended to.

Why Choose Living Things:

  • Expert advice: Our Animal Welfare Risk Assessment (AWRA) will be accessible to the production and crew.
  • Comprehensive support: We provide welfare consultations from storyboarding to production.
  • Animal Welfare Advisor (IAWA): Our experienced advisor assesses potential risks and implements necessary measures for the production.
  • Veterinary support: Depending on the animals and circumstances, we can provide qualified and experienced veterinarians on set, if required.
  • Animal behavior expertise: Our skilled handlers contribute their expertise to ensure a smooth production process that prioritises animal welfare, helping to bring the director’s vision to life.

Licensing and Documentation:

Living Things holds the following licenses and can provide the necessary documentation:

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Risk Assessments
  • Method Statements
  • Animal Welfare Exhibition Licence
  • Animal Performers Licence
  • Animals Transportation Licence
  • All team members are fully DBS checked.

For further information or to inquire about booking Living Things’ Welfare Advisors, handlers, behaviorists, or vets, please contact us via phone or email. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you!


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