Welfare Consultations

At Living Things, we specialise in providing comprehensive welfare consultations for animals used in various working environments. Whether it’s a studio, stage set, green screen, or on and off-site locations for TV, film, and media productions, we have the experience and expertise to ensure the well-being of the animals involved.

Our dedicated team will collaborate with you in advance to understand your concept and storyboard, enabling us to offer appropriate advice and help bring your production vision to life. We prioritise selecting the right animal for filming while ensuring their welfare remains uncompromised, respecting the nature of your brief.

Every aspect is meticulously planned to ensure a risk-assessed environment that safeguards the animals’ welfare and safety. From guiding materials, props, sets, and locations to working closely with the animals, Living Things takes the necessary measures to create a seamless production experience.

To comply with legal requirements, our team assists in providing the appropriate documentation, including vet and health records, necessary vaccinations, worm and flea treatments, required licences, exhibition and performers licences, transportation arrangements (including duration, transport type, and care during transit), animal transportation licences, written risk assessments, method statements, and public liability insurance.

Upon arrival at the location, our welfare consultants conduct thorough risk assessments and analyse the area and props being used, working closely with the production team to ensure everything proceeds as planned. We proactively provide advice in case of any last-minute changes or additions needed to meet the animals’ welfare and needs.

Our strong emphasis on building close working relationships with clients ensures continuous communication and collaboration throughout the production day. We strive to ensure client satisfaction by implementing all necessary procedures effectively.

Once the production or filming is completed, we offer assistance in reviewing the edits with viewers’ discretion in mind, ensuring an accurate representation of the original production day. We provide a comprehensive welfare report that documents the details of the production day, allowing you to maintain a record of the animal care and well-being measures taken.

Choose Living Things for expert guidance and meticulous attention to animal welfare in your production.