Introducing Sumer, one of our extraordinary wildlife presenters and animal welfare maintenance and carers at Living Things!

Sumer’s wildlife shows are a true testament to her exceptional talents and passion. With a trained background in performing arts, she brings charisma, personality, and a unique touch to every wildlife experience she delivers. Her ability to captivate audiences sets her shows apart, making them truly unforgettable.

Sumer’s expertise extends to providing educational wildlife experiences for various corporate events, including “bring your kids to work” days and corporate Christmas parties. Her engaging workshops for nurseries and schools leave a lasting impact, inspiring young minds with a love for nature and wildlife. Additionally, Sumer’s dedication to delivering unique wildlife experiences for private events ensures that every occasion becomes truly special.

In addition to her role as a wildlife presenter, Sumer shines as an animal handler for TV productions. She has proudly assisted on the famous daytime production, Lorraine, contributing to the success of the show with her expertise and love for animals.

When Sumer is not immersed in providing captivating wildlife experiences, she dedicates her time to being an animal welfare and maintenance assistant. Her commitment to ensuring the well-being and care of our animals is commendable. Additionally, Sumer is always ready to lend a hand with daily administrative tasks, showcasing her versatility and dedication to the smooth operation of Living Things.

Sumer’s contributions to our team are invaluable, and her passion for animals and wildlife shines through in every aspect of her work. Join us in celebrating Sumer’s talent, dedication, and commitment to providing exceptional wildlife experiences and maintaining the welfare of our cherished animals.