Marcus is an exceptional wildlife presenter renowned for his extensive knowledge and compassionate teaching style. He captivates audiences with his unique approach to showcasing animals, providing truly unforgettable experiences. From engaging with children and families in Westminster council to managing our team for shows like “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here,” Marcus’s expertise as an animal handler shines through.

Beyond his professional achievements, Marcus is a talented artist, dedicating his spare time to creating captivating wildlife paintings. A percentage of his profits directly supports animal charities engaged in conservation projects.

Marcus’s commitment to conservation is remarkable. He has actively participated in various projects, including working at a prestigious big cat breeding and conservation center in Kent. Additionally, he contributed his expertise to an animal rescue center in Uganda, home to diverse species like giraffes, elephants, big cats, chimpanzees, and more. Notably, Marcus has also worked on conservation initiatives in Ecuador.

As a valued member of the Living Things team, Marcus serves as a wildlife presenter, sharing his wealth of experiences and genuine passion for animals. His involvement enriches private and public events, providing exceptional wildlife encounters that leave a lasting impact.