Introducing Emily, one of our exceptional animal and maintenance carers at Living Things!

Emily’s extensive experience and genuine love for animals shine through in her exceptional care for our furry, prickly and scaley residents. Her passion and dedication exceed expectations, making her an invaluable member of our team.

Emily’s journey in animal care has taken her through various roles, including being a caregiver for dogs, cats, and birds of prey in catteries, kennels, and falconry centers. She has also served as an assistant zookeeper at esteemed wildlife parks like Cedar and Paradise Wildlife Park, gaining valuable insights into the complexities of animal welfare. Additionally, Emily has shared her knowledge and passion as an educational speaker at London’s famous Sealife center, enriching the lives of visitors with captivating information about marine life.

Beyond her exceptional experience, Emily has also lent her expertise to major TV shows like “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here,” contributing to the smooth operation and care for animals of these high-profile productions. Furthermore, she has delighted countless individuals by providing our adorable petting experiences, adding an extra touch of joy to a wide range of events.

Emily’s favorite aspect of her work lies in coming up with innovative ideas for animal enrichment, ensuring our residents thrive in every way possible. Her keen eye for creating engaging experiences is fueled by her deep passion for animal care.