Meet Dan, our dedicated administrator and valued member of our management team. With his exceptional multitasking skills, Dan handles various responsibilities, ensuring smooth operations in our company. From promptly answering phone calls to managing emails and logging important documents, Dan’s efficiency and hard work are commendable.

Beyond his professional abilities, Dan brings a positive energy to our team and leaves a lasting impression on our clients. With his friendly disposition and a constant smile on his face, Dan creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Whether it’s resolving administrative issues, organising schedules, or providing timely support, Dan consistently goes above and beyond to exceed expectations. His commitment to excellence and attention to detail contribute significantly to the overall success of Living Things.

We are fortunate to have Dan as an integral part of our team, and his contributions play a vital role in maintaining our high standards of service. His professionalism, efficiency, and infectious positivity make him an invaluable asset to our company.
Dan brings his experience to the table. Having worked on TV shows like “Jimmy Carr’s I Literally Just Told You” and the groundbreaking reality show “Big Brother,” Dan is a seasoned professional. His role spans from crafting risk assessments and managing logistics to providing animals and conducting welfare consultations. Dan holds integral elements that contribute to the success of these television productions. 

Next time you visit or contact us, be sure to say hello to Dan, and experience his exceptional dedication firsthand. We are confident that his hard work and unwavering commitment will leave a smile on your face as well.