Introducing Ben, one of our exceptional wildlife presenters at Living Things!

Ben brings his genuine passion for animals and people to his role, providing unique and educational wildlife experiences in schools, educational centers, private events, and corporate gatherings. Whether it’s captivating audiences at birthday parties, family gatherings, or engaging the public in shopping centers and malls, Ben’s presentations are always a hit.

Beyond his role as a wildlife presenter, Ben extends his love and passion for animals to his work at Living Things HQ. As a valued member of our animal welfare and maintenance team, he ensures the care and well-being of all our animals, going above and beyond to provide the highest standard of care. Additionally, Ben lends a helping hand with additional administrative tasks, showcasing his dedication and versatility within the organization.

The exceptional reviews and feedback from our clients are a testament to Ben’s exceptional skills and professionalism. His ability to connect with audiences and create memorable experiences has garnered praise and admiration, solidifying his reputation as an integral part of the Living Things family.

We are proud to have Ben as part of our team, as his expertise, passion, and commitment to animal welfare exemplify the values and vision of Living Things. Join us in celebrating Ben’s contributions in delivering exceptional wildlife experiences and ensuring the well-being of our cherished animals.