The Venue

Living Things shows can be carried out indoors and outdoors (weather permitting) we recommend if you are deciding to have your show outdoors you have a backup on the day for an indoor area or a marquee or gazebo.

We do not use microphones. Events, where microphones are needed, maybe too loud, therefore will be an unsuitable environment for our animals. Our set up is our banner screen where we keep the travelling cases behind this. We ask kindly for two classroom style or dining room style chairs to be made available for your animal handler and the volunteers that will be invited out of the audience.

If you wish to have balloons at your event, they must be high up away from children to prevent them from popping and frightening our animals.

To comply with our health and safety guidelines, we strongly recommend no food to be given or displayed until hand washing has been done at the end of the show.

We always carry Anti-bacterial hand gel, however, there must be hand washing facilities available. We do stress the importance of hand washing when handling animals and the audiences are always given clear instructions at the beginning and end of each show or presentation.

Hired venues must receive permissions to allow Living Things to perform at the venue.

Arrival & Parking

If parking is not available, we may not be able to carry out your booking. If the area of the venue is regularly congested with parked cars or if parking is by meter, we suggest a car be positioned to reserve a space. If there are parking restrictions at the venue, a voucher must be provided by the client. In some cases, for Central London, meters may only allow parking for two hours. This negates that only a one hour show is possible unless alternative parking arrangements can be made.

It is imperative that car parking is available either on site or in close proximity to transfer our animals in a quick and safe environment.

In all cases, we aim to arrive in the area of a venue around 30 minutes beforehand to allow for any traffic problems and in case we have to wait for parking or a meter to become available. We regret that if parking is not secured for our vehicle, we cannot guarantee completion of a booking. If this situation arises and a show cannot go ahead, Living Things shall not be held liable. The client would be liable for the full cost of the booking.

Health & Welfare

We take the health and welfare of our animals very seriously but we also want to protect the health of people handling our animals.  It is a fact that all animals, including pets can carry diseases that can transferred to people.  The safest way to protect against disease is by taking hygienic precautions, including careful and thorough hand washing, preferably with hot running water and soap after handling animals.  Hand gels can be of use but are NOT a substitute for washing, they do not remove contamination from the hands and do not kill all potential disease causing agents.

Parents should help the very young with hand washing and children should be discouraged from putting their fingers in their mouths or eyes after handling animals.

Reptiles, in particular, can carry Salmonella and although the risks are very low, infection can be serious.  Always seek advice from medical professionals if you are unwell and mention that you have been in contact with animals. All of our animals are health checked for our animals, handlers and clients best interest.

We have many, many years of experience in handling animals.

Your safety and welfare of our animals is our main concern.  We will always highlight potential dangers of handling certain animals so please listen carefully to any advice given by our team.